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Tastes of the Darkness IV

Firstly, my apologies for the lack of updates. Work on Tastes of the Darkness has been slow, and interest has been low, which has transferred to my lack of enthusiasm towards the project.

Tastes of the Darkness IV is online at Third Eye Writers for your reading pleasure. So, please head over and read some of the latest work from the Blogosphere’s most twisted.

Also, I have decided that Tastes of the Darkness will not be produced on a regular basis. Instead, it will be produced when a blogger puts their hand up to do the carnival. So, if you’re a blogger and you want to host the next edition, please email and we’ll schedule everything.


Tastes of the Darkness #3 is here!

The third edition of this wonderful horror carnival is now online at Fred Charles’ Blog. Head on over and read some excellent flash from some great bloggers.

And with the new edition comes opening for the next one. We’re looking for a host for this edition, as well as future ones. Email if you want to be a host. In the meantime, email me the URLs to your pieces on the theme of history.

Looking forward to my next fortnightly scare.

Update: If anyone is waiting for the host to be announced, never fear. If we do not have a host, I’ll post the carnival here, on this site. Please send your entries soon.

Tastes of the Darkess #2 is out now!

The second edition of Tastes of the Darkness is now online at Third Eye Writers! It went on the theme of ‘Betrayal’ and a big thanks to Jayne d’Arcy for hosting it.

The next edition will be posted in a fortnight on the 28th and there will be no theme. Just go for it! If you would like to host the next edition, please email me. And most importantly, post your flash fiction pieces to your blog and email me the URL, and I’ll pass them on to the host when they are confirmed.

Update: Fred Charles will be hosting the next edition. Please post your flash fiction to your blog and send the link to by June 28.

Edition #1 out now! Edition #2 coming soon!

I’m proud to announce edition #1 of Tastes of the Darkness is now online at Benjamin Solah: Writer and Revolutionary

Spread the word by announcing the carnival on your blog or forum. Use the banner and button that can be found here.

Submissions are open now for edition #2. The theme is betrayel. Writer your flash piece and post it to your blog and then send the link to There currently isn’t a host for the next edition, so if you would like to be a host, email me too.

Update: Jayne d’Arcy is hosting the second edition at the awesome new writing blog, Third Eye Writers. Send your flash piece’s link to Also, stop by her blog and leave a comment, don’t forget to tell her you sent your sub to make sure she gets it.

Update 2: The submission deadline is midnight of the 14th of June, coming into the 15th of June (PST)

What is ‘Tastes of the darkness’?

'Tastes of the darkness' is a carnival of horror flash fiction where each fortnight, one blogger will play host to a selection of flash fiction of the dark and disturbing.

Want to host ‘Tastes of the darkness’?

'Tastes of the darkness' is looking for blogs to host the fortnightly carnival of horror flash fiction. If you're interested, and you think your blog is the host we're looking for, email us using the contact page above.
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