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Tastes of the Darkness IV

Firstly, my apologies for the lack of updates. Work on Tastes of the Darkness has been slow, and interest has been low, which has transferred to my lack of enthusiasm towards the project.

Tastes of the Darkness IV is online at Third Eye Writers for your reading pleasure. So, please head over and read some of the latest work from the Blogosphere’s most twisted.

Also, I have decided that Tastes of the Darkness will not be produced on a regular basis. Instead, it will be produced when a blogger puts their hand up to do the carnival. So, if you’re a blogger and you want to host the next edition, please email and we’ll schedule everything.


Welcome to ‘Tastes of the darkness’

I’m proud to announce the opening of ‘Tastes of the darkness.’ This is a blog carnival of horror flash fiction, designed to give readers tastes of what is inside of the dark minds of the horror writers around the blogosphere.

It works pretty simply. Each fortnight, a host blogger will showcase a selection horror flash fiction submitted to him/her during that fortnight.

The post will look roughly like this:

[Blogger’s introduction the carnival]

‘Link to story one as posted on writer’s blog,’ Link to writer’s blog – A blurb about the story

[Continue this for all the pieces, maybe adding the host’s own commentary as well.]

[Closing comments and a link to the next host’s blog]

The fiction can be anything under 1,000 words and it must be horror.

Leave a comment if you’re interested in being the first editor, or if you’re interested in submitting a piece.

Update: I’ve removed the minimum word count.

What is ‘Tastes of the darkness’?

'Tastes of the darkness' is a carnival of horror flash fiction where each fortnight, one blogger will play host to a selection of flash fiction of the dark and disturbing.

Want to host ‘Tastes of the darkness’?

'Tastes of the darkness' is looking for blogs to host the fortnightly carnival of horror flash fiction. If you're interested, and you think your blog is the host we're looking for, email us using the contact page above.
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