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Tastes of the Darkness IV coming soon!

I’m sorry for the lack of news regarding the fourth edition of Tastes of the Darkness. There was no host putting up their hand, and only one submission (not mine). I’m not sure if it was the theme (history) that put people off, or whether people were waiting for the host to be announced, but I want the carnival to go ahead. If we don’t find a host, it can be hosted here.

Please leave a comment if you’re still interested in participating in the carnival.

Update: 3rd Eye Writers, at its new home, will be hosting the carnival again. Submissions for the fourth edition are due by the 2nd of August. Send the link to your piece to with ‘Tastes of the Darkness’ in the subject, so that the email will get through. Submit ASAP on the theme history.

What is ‘Tastes of the darkness’?

'Tastes of the darkness' is a carnival of horror flash fiction where each fortnight, one blogger will play host to a selection of flash fiction of the dark and disturbing.

Want to host ‘Tastes of the darkness’?

'Tastes of the darkness' is looking for blogs to host the fortnightly carnival of horror flash fiction. If you're interested, and you think your blog is the host we're looking for, email us using the contact page above.
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